Neuro-alchemy is the first Integrative Holistic Platform which forms complete therapists and specializes in Neuro-cognitive Behavioural Approach and Cellular re-programming. Neuro-alchemy allows us to deal with our ancestral history, past lives, nature kingdoms, conception, gestation, ages and future projection.
  We balance all our bodies so that a goal is accepted by the whole system, avoiding, in this way, self-plots. The healing is carried out through an interactive approach and corrections which have been integrated from the main well-known holistic disciplines.
  The muscular test of precision is one of the tools that we use to talk with the patient's body.

NeuroAlchemy: a way to the Golden Man

  Gold is the most complete element in nature. It is a metal which never changes its elemental properties even in the worst conditions and manipulations. Aristotles brought us the concepts of the four elements that made up all matter (land, fire, water  and air). Then, Plato introduced a 5th element, the ether. And apart from that, he taught us that each of these elements is represented by a specific geometrical form. These forms are now known as "Platonic Solids" (hexahedron, tetrahedron, icosahedron, octahedron and dodecahedron (the 5th element)).

  According to alchemists, gold is the king of matter because it is the only metal whose composition consists of the equal manifestation of the four elements.

  It is on this alchemical premise that we have developed the Neuro-alchemy platform: going from the synthesis to the infinite depth and including, in each challenge, equality between the bodies (elements) so that man can achieve the purification of their roughness, on their way to the golden man.

  The golden man is our true potential and inevitable destiny.

  We regard all aspects of the human being. That’s why we have developed four different approaches which are independent but at the same time can be integrated. Our approach is integrative, energetic, corporal and oracular.

  Main aim: to generate therapists who are committed to their own evolution in all their bodies by meeting their essential needs, since we believe that the main active principle of a treatment is the manifestation of the PRESENCE of the healer. We believe that conscience is the way to free our body of light. The greater our light is, the more light we cast on our “shadows”, which can also be considered “ignorance”.

- Vision: we think that we can be great therapists without techniques, however, having techniques doesn’t make us therapists. 
- Mission: to provide the suitable conditions for the freedom of our body of light to be able to deal with any situation at any moment!